Writing is Joy

I went to school from 1959 to 1971 in Hamburg, Germany. After a social year I studied Mathematics and Philosphy at the University of Hamburg and at Dartmouth College, NH. Although this combination of disciplines sounds a bit strange at first sight, it truely is quite a fascinating one. I enjoyed it throughout my whole academic education and can honestly recommend it.

One day however the time of academic studies came to an end and on the following jobs in a FMCG marketing department and later as a marketing consultant I could hardly apply any of my sophisticated “arts”.

But I started writing frequently at that time and enjoyed it more and more. Most of my articles were on rather specialized issues such as marketing information systems or the demoscopic splits of the internet users in 1995 (!). Some ghostwriting activities came on top.

By now I would rather call myself an author than a consultant. Most of my “business-time” I write on something. In many cases this is a blog article, here or on some other website. In 2013 my first book was published (“Facebook für Einsteiger”) and this summer the next one will appear: on digital identity in a non-professional, i.e. private environment.

My private environment is quite classic: Married since 1980, 3 children and 2 grandchildren by now. I live with my wife in Germany and France and do some biking and sailing. And of course writing.


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