The Password Poem has no Clues…

…if telling tales of kangaroos.concept of computer security

This nearly senseless verse is an example for a good password or passphrase – at least if you follow Marjan Ghazvininejad and Kevin Knight of the University of California (USC).

In How to Memorize a Random 60-Bit String they line out a quite creative method to overcome the classic paradoxon of passwords:  passwords are either safe or easy to remember but never the both together.

The core idea to cut this knot is that a rhyme in the iambic tetrameter like the one above, is sufficiently long (size matters for safety questions) and however relatively easy to remember, even if it has little to no sense at all.

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Social Networks: Users in Germany and Worldwide

In this article I will provide

  • an overview over the number of users of the 10 most relevant social networks in Germany in 2014,
  • a comparison of these data with the corresponding worldwide figures and
  • a breakdown of the German data by sex and by age.

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Starting point June 14th 2015

I have done blogging for a couple of years now. Most of the articles were shown on my German website But this site or blog will turn more and more silent now and the one you are on right here will become more active. The new presence will be bilingual now with an established German environment on the one hand ( and a new one at on the other.

The framework is old and new too: I use WordPress as before but the theme now is “GeneratePress” instead of “Responsive”. Both are rather straight forward, the new one seems to be easier to handle.

The designing, moving, redirecting, and coordinating business was all done by Diplanet, good job,  thanks.

My articles will focus on social media, data security and digital identity. The language they will be published in depends on their relevance: rather interesting for a. a regional audience, b. an international one or c. both.

My goal is that this shall all contribute to my core offer as an author and speaker – with some research and analytic backoffice services as well.

I am curious how this will workout. I definitely plan to write some reports on my experiences with this bilingual move however.

So here we go. It is as they say: every journey begins with the starting step.

Move to Berlin

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