No Coupling – and Facebook isn’t free anymore

Money alone can’t buy you happiness –  you have to have stocks and properties in your portfolio as well.

But that is an old saying. In these days one better adds: – you have to have tons of private data of real people in your database and means to refresh them frequently.

In the new economy the value of an enterprise does hardly depend only on classic assets such as machines, properties, employees, company shares and patents. The true new valuedriver is continuous access to private data of living men and women. The reason is simple: these informations can be used for a large variety of expanding business activities. And parallely the data can be sold.

Combining a new business-case with a settled one is called coupling business.

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Starting point June 14th 2015

I have done blogging for a couple of years now. Most of the articles were shown on my German website But this site or blog will turn more and more silent now and the one you are on right here will become more active. The new presence will be bilingual now with an established German environment on the one hand ( and a new one at on the other.

The framework is old and new too: I use WordPress as before but the theme now is “GeneratePress” instead of “Responsive”. Both are rather straight forward, the new one seems to be easier to handle.

The designing, moving, redirecting, and coordinating business was all done by Diplanet, good job,  thanks.

My articles will focus on social media, data security and digital identity. The language they will be published in depends on their relevance: rather interesting for a. a regional audience, b. an international one or c. both.

My goal is that this shall all contribute to my core offer as an author and speaker – with some research and analytic backoffice services as well.

I am curious how this will workout. I definitely plan to write some reports on my experiences with this bilingual move however.

So here we go. It is as they say: every journey begins with the starting step.