How to stay up-to-date with Facebook: 10 Sources for Facebook-News

This is a short English translation of my German post a few days ago. Here is what it’s all about:

I have written a German book on how to use Facebook. Facebook: Digitale Welt für Einsteiger

It has been labeled “Digital World for Beginners”. So it is very basic. And it is only on facebook’s German features, limitations, options a.s.f. As you know, the facebook properties and functionalities as well as its interface differ from country to country. In most cases the US-version is the most developped one.
Since my book sold relatively well, we came with a second edition in last year’s December. To write it I had to collect all the new facebook developments for resp. of the German market. I looked out for the sources available for this job and found some 35 to 40 information-provider.

But it turned out that there were only 10 amongst them which I read regularly and with growing confidence. Some came as a newsletter, some as an rss-feed and some of them I visited manually once a week. The news and information provided by these sources covered my “area” quite well. But remember: it is all about facebook-news for resp. of the German market. (One direct consequence is that 9 of the 10 are written in German language.)

For the majority of you, who have a rather international point-of-view, I suspect that these sources of mine will not be too helpful. For the remaining few (?) however I list my sources here.


  • Hutter Consulting GmbH; Swiss consultant for social media marketing; clear focus: b2b. Quite a rich newsletter.
  • Allfacebook facebook, facebook facebook; simple and clear.
  • futurebiz Similar to Hutter Consult
  • BASICthinking Interesting to read for professional and private purpose. Good legal overview.
  • Golem The rather sceptical to critical view
  • Jeff Bullas in English language (an Australian guy). Jeff provides with interesting stories and data.

Blogs and Portals

  • Caschys Blog. Quite a tekki approach. Facebook seen rather from a gamer’s point of view.
  • t3n Fast and broad
  • FAZ The no. 1 newspaper in Germany with a sharp political eye.
  • Facebook Newsroom in German language rather poor, in the American version Facebook Newsroom more data but US-focussed.

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