Adobe PDF Printer-Problem

Introduction for the English Version

This article was posted first in May 2015 – in German language. During the last half year it became the most visited article of my blog – to my big surprise. So I thought, maybe it covers an issue relevant for other language-settings too.

Unfortunately the screenshots are still German ones – but their meaning should be nearly 1:1 translateable. I’ll try. So here we go.

The PDF Printer-Problem

We ran several times into PDF printer-problems on some PCs under Win 7 and did not find any solution for them in the internet.

Adobe Acrobat Reader did show the documents but could not print them, to no printer available. “Could not print the document” it did say and after OK: “No pages selected for printing.” Rubbish! Of course pages were selected, and Acrobat Reader did present them well, even in the print-preview.

In Search of a Solution

First of all it seems worth mentioning that senseless dialogs or infos like the one above do not show much customer-orientation. Hello Adobe! Ever heard of user-friendliness?

Via Google we found many similar requests on “can’t print PDF” and several solutions proposed. The problem is old and well known.

Adobe itself came with so instructive questions as “Are all connectors plugged in?” and “Is the software up-to-date?”.

Private forums produced far better propsals, f.i.: try to print the document as an image, not as a document. In many cases this has proven to work. But not in ours.

Our Way

For us the following procedure helped – and the response on our article showed that there are some others out there with a similar situation.

I have to apologize for the German screenshots here. The words must be strange to you. But the good news is: its places on the screen should be the same.

First you open the edit menu (“Bearbeiten”) and choose something like “pre-settings” (“Voreinstellungen”), far below on that list.


And in the next screen you de-click the checkbox in the top.


A warning will appear. Heavy security problems may arise.

Well, you have to be brave now: ignore it by klicking it off with OK.

Then close the program and restart it – voila, that should be it.

Does this Cause a Security Issue?

No and yes. The active checkbox (which we just de-activated) provides some extra-protection. It prevents from activating some corrupt PDF-files. But only some, not all of them.

So the recommendation is rather: Never open and/or print a PDF-document from an unknown source. If you follow this advice, you don’t have to worry about the security consequences of our solution.

I’d be happy to receive comments on this. First of all: Is their such a PDF printer-problem in other language environments? And secondly: Does this solution help sometimes? Should it be improved? How?

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